Allen Consulting & Research
provides services such as:

  • Advocacy for Returning Female Citizens – Often justice-involved women return to their communities faced with multiple stressors. Many need housing, financial support, and assistance with family reunification efforts.  Using a collaborative approach our advocacy efforts include reducing stress and educating women about services available in their area.

  • Conduct Quantitative and Qualitative Research – We work with criminal justice organizations, faith based groups, and public and private sector programs that seek to obtain empirical data that will enhance their ability to create positive outcomes for justice-involved men and women. Through focus groups and individual interviews, data analysis, and recommendations, we will work with your organization to obtain the information needed to write successful grant proposals and reports.

  • Public Policy Initiatives – We will work with your organization to formulate and implement criminal justice policies that reduce barriers for justice-involved men and women and provide solutions that will minimize disruption to families.
  • Public Speaker and Conference Presenter – We provide speakers and presenters for academic, governmental, and community forums, seminar and conferences on a range of subjects within the criminal justice field.